Tuesday, November 27, 2007

So I guess that I was tagged a LONG time ago. But I have been busy and haven't read my comments for a while! Sorry Heather!

HERE ARE THE RULES: Each player list 6 facts or habits about themselves. At the end of their tag the player then tags 6 others, list their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment letting them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Here we go:

I have never really enjoyed being tall, except when I played basketball. I am very self conscious about my height and feel all the time like people are looking at me and making fun of my height. I always dreamed about marrying someone who was many inches taller than I, instead, Austin is 1/2" taller. It took me four years to gain the courage to wear heels around him. And still, all the while I am thinking "I'm taller than him now." Oh well, it is just something I will have to deal with, maybe in a few years I won't even think when I put on heels! :)

When I was a sophmore in high school I made the J.V. Softball team. I was a pitcher but there were plenty of those around, and so they made me the catcher. I was so excited. I had lots of padding to wear and a face mask. I thought this was probably the safest position on the team, besides right field. I was the starting catcher and loved it. I was just starting to get into a good grove when halfway through the season we were playing a little "hot box" during practice. Someone that was three feet away from me threw a ball right at my face as I was talking to the coach. Just as the ball was about to hit me she called my name so that I looked at her and go smacked in the face. It broke my nose, gave me two black eyes, black swollen nose, and a big fat black lip. We had a dance that weekend that I was supposed to go to with my first boyfriend in high school. I was so humiliated that I never wanted to return to school again. Of course my mom made me, and it was awful. the guy said that he would go to the dance with me still, but afterword never talked to me again. Nice. I still, to this day, get made fun of for the way that I looked after taking a ball to the face. I went back to play softball again two weeks later and was once again hit in the face by a tipped ball. I have never enjoyed playing softball since then. I even struggle just playing catch with Austin. I still flinch everytime the ball even comes close to my face.

I bite my finger nails really bad. I have tried to stop, but it is so hard. I will do good for a few days, then have a massage scheduled (or just get bored) and think that my nails can't be long. So what do I do? No, not file them like normal people, first I have to bite them, then I file them! It's awful.

I like to have my house clean, it just makes me happy. I have a friend sho once told me to always go to bed with your kitchen sink clean so that when you wake up in the morning it is smiling at you. I try to have my kitchen sink always clean, so that it smiles at me when I walk in, even if my counters are not. Don't get me wrong, the play room is always messy, but I can close the door on that, and my clothes are not always hung up, but my beds are always made and the front room is always clean! I just like Austin to come home to a clean house after he has been gone working hard all day for us.

I tend to take on too many things at one time. Then after I have gotten too involved to back out I start to stress out so much that no one want to be around me. I also cry a lot during this time. You would think that I would have learned my lesson by now, but no. I am in the middle of this right as we speak (hince, the reason it took me so long to write this)

I like to cook. I love to try new things for dinner, lunch, desert, I even make our granola for breakfast. My mom is a great cook, so I think that I must have gotten it from her. My kids are not always excited about eh new dishes that I try, but Austin is usually happy with them. He just gets mad at me because I rarely try the food before I place it on the table. He can't understand that I am just confident about my cooking! (Or I just forget)

Well, that is my six things so now I guess I will tag some people, though most have already been tagged. So I tag Kim, Lyndee, Nicole, Nadia, and well, that is all that I know that haven't been tagged!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Idaho Stampin' Up Party!!

Well, I guess that things have FINALLY settled down a little bit, and so I thought it was probably time that I had my first party. I have been working hard all week to come up with cute ideas and a great Make and Take. These are just some of the ideas that I have had. Sorry that the color isn't great. The lighting wasn't perfect and flash made it worse. They actually look much better in real life!

Monday, November 12, 2007


This is outfit number three for Kennedy. We started the day out being Tinkerbell, but then Tinkerbell got a tear in her skirt and so mean old Mom made her change. So outfit number two was Cinderella, which is what I thought she was going to be all along and what she wore to the Zoo. That one only lasted until naptime. Afternaps it became clear that Cinderella wasn't going to work and she turned into an angel.
After a good attempt to try and find tights without having to go back to the store, but could not find any, but I did find last years Giraffe. Kennedy took one look at that and the angel was on the floor. She loved being a Giraffe (even though she was one last year) and everyone made comments on how cute her costume was.
Tori stayed in the same cheerleading outfit all day long. She did little "Go Minico Go" and "Yeah Uncle Jordan!" cheers all day long. We have been training her well. She also likes to cheer for BYU and Ohio State Buckeyes!

This is "Spookyville" as the girls call it. This is a house one block from our house and we have to drive by to get to our house. They LOVED driving by it. In fact one day I took a wrong turn (which still got us home) and we missed "Spookyville." Now everyday as we are coming home Kennedy will say, " If you turn on the right street, not the wrong one, we can see if spookyville is still up."

These people seriously had hundreds of halloween decorations in their yard. It was crazy!!

This is their haul!! Quite impressive, if I say so myself. We only went up and down two streets, but they would all give Kennedy a handful because she looked so cute. They had a great time!!

Michelle and Adam's wedding

So, in my family we don't think that having only one wedding at a time is hectic enough, we have to have two or three close together. My brother got married in August so that the timing just about perfect for my little sis Michelle to get married at the end of October! It was such a beautiful day, I don't think we could have asked for a nicer day. It was the first time in a long time that all my family was able to be together, all but Austin that is, he was on call. So I just thought that I would share a couple of pictures at the temple.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BOO at the ZOO

We took a trip to Idaho Falls to visit the zoo. The girls were so excited to go to the zoo, especially because they were dressing up. Tori decided to be a pioneer. Why? you may ask. I am not sure, but she did look cute in her simple outfit. Kennedy decided to take full advantage of the Cinderella dress that would not be used now, and was a beautiful Cinderella.Kennedy got really excited when she saw that we were being escorted by none other than Spiderman himself! She called Kyler Spiderman the whole night, even when she was giving him a hug and saying goodbye, she said, "Goodbye Spiderman!"They didn't have camels like these in Columbus!

Tori, Kennedy, Spiderman (aka Klyer)

We had a great time at the Zoo, and it sure beats the Pocatello Zoo!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Fennell Family Reunion

August 25, 2007

Although it may be hard to imagine, we are missing 24 people from this photo. We had a lot of fun, as we always do. We ate fajita's, played on the slip-n-slide, swam in the pool, ate chicken and wedding cake (john and meagan's), some took naps, most played volleyball, ate some more, then went home. Some where in there we took this picture! All in all it was a great time. Hopefully next time all the family will be there.

Monday, October 8, 2007

First snow!!

It's a little early in my mind, but this last Saturday as we were at my parents home in Rupert, Idaho, we woke up to snow! This was actually the second weekend in a row for them to have snow. And if we would have been at home in Pocatello we would have had 4" of snow!! How crazy!

The girls both thought it was great. Tori was dressed in no time and out the back door. Kennedy wasn't quite sure if she really wanted to go out into the cold that early in the morning, but when she saw Tori making snowballs and laughing she decided it would be okay.

The thing Tori liked the most in the snow was walking around and looking behind her to see her footprints in the snow. She would just laugh as she walked all around the yard.

Tori here is trying to help the tree not be cold. She decided that she could clean off all the snow, and the tree would be warmer. She is a very thoughtful child.

I'm Stylish

Kennedy Loves to come out everynight as she is getting her P.J's on and show me what color her hair has turned (with her shirt still on her head). She think this is so hillarious every night. Well, a couple of days ago she comes out in the morning while I was fixing Tori's hair. And this is what she said:
Kennedy "Mom, look at my hair."

Me "Wait just a second, I'm fixing Tori's hair."

Kennedy "Mom, look at me, I am Stylish!"

When I turned around she had her hand on her hip and her head tilted back.

Kennedy "Do you like my stylish pink hair?"

Where did she learn the word stylish? :) She is just so darn cute!! I love it!

Ballet Dance

Aunt Melanie decided that in between conference sessions was a great time to make costumes and choreograph a ballet. It took about an hour of hard work to get this result. Tori and Kennedy had a ball showing everyone this wonderful dance.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Riding Bikes

Kennedy LOVES the movie "Cars" so we decided to get her a "Cars" helmet with elbow and knee pads. She thought they were great! She was so excited to get on her bike, but then decided that she needed Dad by her side in order to move the bike. It only took a couple of times out riding and now Kennedy is a pro.

Tori was SO excited to get a new bike that was her size. She told me that she was going to ride fast, faster than Dad! So watch out Kennedy- here she comes, and she's not slowing down for anything!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Okay, so sorry that some of the pictures are not turned the right was, just turn your head a little and you can see them. I am not at my own computer and cannot, for the life of me, figure it out.

This was the girls birthday party. They were so excited for days about the party. We invited all the Grandpa's and Grandma's and Aunt/Uncles that were in close range. Everyone was able to come and the girls had a blast! Kyler just celebrated his birthday too, so we had presents for him to open too.

Tori helped me decorate the cakes, Kennedy helped make them the night before. The girls also put up all of our decorations. I am so glad that we decided to have a family party. They had really missed all of the other birthdays and this seemed to make up for it (a little). I think we will do this again!!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Labor day weekend

We spent Labor Day in Boise with Tallan and her kids. The girls loved playing with their cousins in the water. This was at Lucky Peak. Austin took the girls around the little beach in the raft, and as you can see he made them do most of the work. Hailey seems to be putting all of her effort into getting that oar moving.

Friday, September 21, 2007


This is Howie. (The brown one) We took him and Sage to let them play in the water. Mostly to help teach Howie how to swim. He is an AWFUL swimmer, and that is being nice. At first Howie would hardly even get in the water, but these pictures were taken at the end, and you can see that Howie was jumping in with Sage. I think his swimming might have improved a little. It was pretty fun to see him trying to beat Sage to the fetching dummy. The kids had a blast watching them swim.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This slide show is pictures from my latest photography outing. My brother was married about three weeks ago, and I was their photographer, poor them, I know. And now another sister, Michelle, is engaged to be married. She, not knowing what she was getting into, asked that I take their engagement pictures. And this is a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

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Saturday, September 15, 2007


This is a picture I took after we came home from a bike ride one night. I realized just how much I have missed the beautiful Idaho sunsets.


We lived in a little apartment in Pocatello before we could move into our house. The thing the girls loved the most was the fact that the little pool we had could fit on our porch, it took up the porch, but at least it fit.
They loved to blow up their fish and put on their water wings and "Googles" and go out and swim. Tori for some reason could not remember that they were goggles and not googles. I would correct her with a laugh and she would say, "It's okay if I just call them googles, I know what they really are."

Kennedy's favorite thing was a little shark named Bruce. He swam around in the water all by himself. She would let him go and then chase him all over the pool. They both loved to have popcicles in the pool. We went though them quite quickly.

Mesa Falls

While at Island Park, we went to the Mesa Falls.
Aren't they beautiful.

1st time fishing

This is the first time I have gone fishing in four years! We got go to Island Park with the Family Medicine Residency for our retreat. Austin took the girls and I to Henry's Lake. When we were unloading the boat, everyone else were loaoding theirs up. They told us we wouldn't catch anything and were waisting our time. (I think they saw the Ohio plates and didn't think we knew anything about fishing, they just don't know Austin!) So we paddled out a little and I started fishing. Within five minutes I had hooked this beaut! He fought me for a LONG time, but when I landed him it was worth it. Austin picked it up and said to the shore, "Can't catch anything huh? " I tried to look like I was excited, but me and fish don't get along too well, especially when they are in my hands.

Tori LOVED this whole experience. She was so excited to get out of the boat so she could hold the fish. It took a few tries, but she finally picked it up without any help. Then she didn't want to put it down. She sure didn't get that from me. Kennedy, on the other hand, would touch the fish or help pick it up and then drop her half because it was gross. That's my girl.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Welcome to our blog

Well, I have decided to join the rest of the world and start a blog. Our little family moved from our home in Hilliard Ohio (which we loved and truely miss) to Idaho this past June. We have been so happy to be close to our family again. Since we have been here we have been able to go to weddings and family reunions that we would have otherwise not made it to! Tori and Kennedy LOVE being by their grandparents and aunts and uncles. I think that they may have forgotten they had cousins to play with, and now that is all that they want to do. We are adjusting to our new home and new town, which has been fun and exciting for the girls. Austin loves the Residency and the hospital and all the other Drs he works with. I think that Pocatello is the perfect match for him.
I hope that you enjoy our blog, I will get pictures soon!