Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thank You...

Michelle and I would like to thank everyone who came and supported us at our craft fair. There was such a good turnout. It was so much fun, and we did really good.
It is always fun to go home and see people you know. This weekend I felt as though I saw practically everyone that I have ever know in Rupert, not quite, I know, but it felt like it.
And it was fun to be able to spend an entire day with my sis, and just be able to chat.
We will see you there again next fall!

My Boy...

You are such a joy in our life. You are always so happy, which in turn, makes us happy.
I love your kisses. At nap time and bed time you always kiss each cheek, my head, and the tip of my nose. Then tell me to go to my room (to nap). I LOVE IT!
You always want to be by Dad or I, throwing a ball, or just sitting on our laps.
I love how first thing in the morning you come out and give me a hug, and then return to your room to get your hat. You love your hat.
You love Kennedy, and you love to say Kennedy. I think that because it is a challenging name, and you know it was hard to learn, you want to say it all the time... just because you can.
You love that Tori gets to ride the bus everyday. One day I think you will love being able to ride the bus.
You are a little silly in that you don't like sweets, especially ones that make your hands messy.
You are the smartest little guy that I know. You pick up on things that we say and remember them. You understand everything that I tell you, and you respond. You are so SMART!!
And seriously, who said potty training a boy was hard. You were so easy. If I told you not to pee in your underwear, you didn't. Seriously easy.
Layton, you are such a blessing in our lives. We all love you so much!

Cutest little guy ever.

Enjoying the Fall

We have been trying to take advantage of the nice fall evenings lately. The kids really like to go in the back yard and have a game of soccer. We set up goals, using camp chairs and tiki lamps. The girls like to play GIRLS vs. BOYS. Mainly, I think, because they know we will win. Layton is not much of a help to Austin. One day that will change, but for now, the girls dominate. We are trying to teach Layton not to pick up the ball, and that other people get a turn to kick it. It does not always work. Sometimes Austin has to be a "one man team" because Layton is laying in the grass crying because one of the girls kicked the ball away from him.

Kennedy really enjoys playing soccer, she says she even plays with the boys at recess, when she can find them.
We also try to play a little catch with the football. Layton just thinks it is a blast to tackle the girls. I guess he kinda gets the game.

Tackling must be so much fun! This is what it looks like for 90% of a football evening.
At least we are having a BALL!

Crazy Dancing

Our cute little girls love to dress up and LOVE to dance. So for a few nights this week we play the music loud and the girls dance. Layton likes to participate sometimes in the dancing, he gets all his moves from my exercise videos, so they ROCK! They really do have a fun time together. Tori will teach Kennedy some moves and then they will choreograph a dance together. They have awesome moves that they choreographed with their cousin Hailey this summer, and they use a few of those in their songs now too. It sure wears them down before bed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Stitchin's

I just wanted to give a little shout out to a craft fair that my sister and I are doing in less than

2 weeks!

It is in Rupert, ID

(my hometown!! Wah-who!)

OCTOBER 23, 2010

10 am - 5 pm

At Minico High School

We will be selling all kinds of fun stitichin's!
drop by our booth,
or our blog
(for those of you poor souls who live no where near Rupert)
Can't wait to see you there!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tori's Baptism

I am not old enough to be a Mom of an EIGHT year old! I am not! But I guess since Tori was baptised yesterday I must be.
It was such a wonderful weekend. We had lots of family come to support Tori on her big day. I thought that it was pretty neat that she was baptised on 10-09-10 at 09:00. (that is for you Stacy).

Austin was able to baptise and confirm Tori.