Tuesday, July 28, 2009


So last night was a terrible night for Layton and I. I am not sure what was going on with him, teething, off schedule during the day, not feeling well maybe, not sure but he decided that one minute after mom crawled under the covers would be a great time to wake up crying, and then not stop for 4 hours. That is right he was awake from 11-3. Mostly. I tried to let him cry it out, he got louder. I tried to cuddle him, feed him a bottle, lay on the ground next to the crib and hold his hand through the bars, nothing. Finally at 2 I was so exhausted I pulled him out and laid him next to me on the floor. (Austin is on a very demanding rotation and Layton does not hold still in bed, so I choose the floor) It took about 40 minutes of moving and moaning (from Layton) before he was finally asleep, then I let him get into a deep sleep before I moved him back.
Needless to say, in the morning I was exhausted. I got everyone breakfast and then Layton was ready for a nap. YEAH! So I told the girls to play nicely, not to answer the door and DO NOT DISTURB ME! yeah right. That lasted about 20 minutes then they were yelling and hitting each other. I threatened them and they were quite for the last 20 minutes. When I woke up they were downstairs laughing and giggling with each other, then I found...
I found it quite FUNNY! I told them to work out their problems and if I needed to I would take care of things when I woke up. I guess this was Tori's way of taking care of things.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Layton is ONE!

My baby is ONE!!! It is so sad and exciting at the same time. I cannot believe how time has just flown by this last year. Layton is still just the happiest little guy, even when he is teething. I do not know how Austin and I got so lucky.

I was so excited to have a summer baby to celebrate with ice cream cake. All day long all Layton wanted to do was open his presents that were stacked on the cedar chest. We invited lots of family and friends over to celebrate with us. Layton seemed to love being sung to, but what he really wanted was the candle! Layton never did eat a bite of his cake. I tried and tried, so we just gave up and let him do what he really wanted, rip the paper off the presents. Oh how he loved that. The girls too, and Nash, his cousin.
Uncle John and Aunt Gina also celebrated their birthday's this past week so we were able to sing to them also. It was a fun filled day.

Can you tell what his favorite toy? Good thing there were two big balls, Nash and Layton were having some struggles, Layton was very possessive of his toys.

Dillon, MT

It is that time in Austin's residency experience where we get to start trying to find a "real job." It is a little fun and a little stressful. For us, we want to pick the perfect place because we want to stay wherever we go, little stressful. But at the same time we are having lots of fun considering places we never thought we would consider. Never dreamed that I would love Pocatello so much that I would not want to move, ever. Never thought Austin would want to move to Rexburg, and definitely never thought we would consider moving out of Idaho again. Even when the call from Dillon came I told Austin NO! Don't even think about it. Well, he did. And we went. And we liked. Sometimes I don't so much like being an adult who has to make hard decisions, but I am and I do. We really like all three possibilities, it is going to be one very, very tough decision. Pray for us!!

Layton's climb

These are not the greatest pictures, but I had to catch Layton doing his new thing... climbing over people who are in the way, or close to in the way, or not even in the way, just fun to go out of HIS way to climb over. Kennedy thinks it is HILARIOUS! So he does it over and over again.
He tried it on my niece Kaylee this weekend, she didn't seem to mind, so he continued to do it. Poor little Kaylee.

4th of July in Rupert!!

Rupert is where I grew up, and it is a great place to take my kids every year to witness great LOVE for Country and State, (and a small little town). The parade is WONDERFUL! There are always tons of great floats, horse back riders, cheerleaders and so much more. We always sit with my family and eat popcicles and yell to the kids to get more candy (there is a TON of candy thrown). This is just one of the amazing floats, they all seemed to have moving parts this year. I also hope you enjoy the tops of my siblings heads! :)
This is how Layton enjoyed the parade. It was an extremely hot day and it was nap time, and with that combination, Grandpa Fennell's lap was absolutely perfect. He didn't even budge when the fire trucks went by with their sirens blasting.

This little horse with the carriage, that I got an AMAZING picture of, hehe, is Grammy Gillette's horse, Tango. This is the horse the girls have been learning to ride on. It was fun to see her in the parade.
After this we all we out to Aunt Sherma's and had so Fried Chicken and saw our hearts out in the pool. Fun times.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Sad to say, but yes, Tori has graduated from Kindergarten.

She was so excited. Austin had the day off, MIRACLE! And so we were all able to go and watch Tori's graduation. It was so cute. They sang lots of songs for us and then played a video of pictures from the year. Tori was so cute during the whole graduation.

She is a very smart little girl and loved going to school. I was a little nervous at first because she gets a little distracted when other friends are around, but she did good and paid attention to her teacher (most of the time). She improved through the year and can't wait to start 1st grade. She is LOVING summer break though.

I just spent the last 45 minutes long a video of Tori singing, and it didn't post it. I will try again later. A little mad right now!


I have a ton to update... so here we go. My sister and her boys came out for a visit from Alabama and the main thing that she wanted to do while she was here was go to Yellowstone. We hoped to see some baby animals, and indeed we did... a bunch of baby bison. That is IT!!! A little disappointing, but fun none the less.
We had all the cousins together for the first time in a year and a half and they had a blast! Uncle John and Uncle David trying to be the tallest. Sorry John, Dave has you beet by a couple of inches. (He is about 6'10")

All the cousins, and the two uncles.

The whole Fennell family, well, all that could make it, waiting for Old Faithful to errupt. I have to say, this was much cooler when I was a kid. Still neat, just not as much as I remember.