Friday, May 15, 2009

Uncle Jordan

Uncle Jordan only has two short weeks before leaves on his mission to Arcadia CA. we are so excited for him, but we are also a little sad. It has been fun having him in Pocatello going to school. We have gotten to see him a little more because of that. He and Austin go to play on a city basketball team together (with the other brothers) and had a lot of fun doing that. We enjoyed all our game nights, dinners together, and all our dunk contests in our backyard. We are going to miss him.

Shed Hunting

Austin and his brother Gifford love to go shed hunting, and go out every chance they get. This is the latest finds from their shed hunting excursion. I think they did pretty good. Gifford was pretty excited about the moose shed he found (in the back by his knee). I think they came home with 23, but I could be wrong.


Sorry these pictures are terrible, but I wanted to show that we had a fun Easter. The girls both got pink baseball gloves. Dad was a little ticked at the Easter Bunny for picking pink. Dang that Easter Bunny, she should know better! The girls love them, they hardly ever put them down. so Mom says, "Good Job Easter Bunny!"

A Day at the Park

Austin had a rotation in St. Anthony and the kids and I went with him for a couple of days. We got to stay with my sister in Rexburg, visit with my brother and his cute family, play at lots of parks and eat lunch with Dad (never happens), go to the temple, and just enjoy time together (rarely happens). It was a fun couple of days, and beautiful ones too.
These are some pictures of the girls playing at the park. Tori loves that she can cross the money bars and Kennedy loves to try everything that Tori does.

Bath Time

This is one of the kids favorite times of the day. They love bath time. The girls were starting to argue and fight a lot in the tub, and I was just about to make Tori take showers and Kennedy takes baths individually, and then I threw Layton into the mix and they all love it. Layton loves to splash up a storm, and the girls just burst into laughter every time he does it, then he does it again because they laughed, then they laugh, over and over again. Bath time is pleasant again! Hallelujah!

My baby is nine months!!

Well, my little baby is nine months, actually a little more now because I am so slow posting! I just can't believe how time flies!
Layton is the happiest little guy. We have only had a couple of time when he has gotten a bit cranky, and both times were because he was teething.
Layton had his 9 month appointment a week and a half ago, and during the appointment we found out that his head is still huge! (95%) and he is still a giant length wise (above 97%) and he dropped drastically on the weight end, from 50% to 10%!!! My poor skinny, tall, big headed boy!
A friend of mine calls him a "grapefuit on a stick." That just about fits him.

Nine fun things about LAYTON:

9. Layton loves to eat!
8. Big beautiful BLUE eyes.
7. Quick to smile.
6. scoots across a room in no time flat!
5. loves power cords! Oh wait, that is not a good thing!
4. Good sleeper.
3. Loves his sisters to death, even when they smother him with loves.
2. His face lights up when his dad walks into the room.
1.Happy, Happy little boy!