Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Pictures

Yesterday was the first day that we were all together, when the sun was still up, in a long time. So we decided that since the leaves were changing we would take our family pictures. So after Tori got home from school we all got ready. We left the house at 4:00 to start our drive up to City Creek. At 4:01 it started to rain on us! I was so MAD!! Last time when we were going to take pictures it snowed! Can we not ever get good weather!!! Austin pointed out that the darkest clouds were over City Creek...nice. Oh well, we headed up anyway, at least we were spending time together, right? We drove around for a little while trying to pick the perfect spot, and let the rain die down. We took some pictures and the kids didn't complain too much. I have to say that I am not a huge fan of taking my own family pictures. I set everyone up in the positions that I think looks pretty good, try to picture me in there, set the timer and then run, at the same time I am hoping that no one moves and that they all look at the camera when it takes the picture. It rarely turns out. But I keep trying. Next time I will just recruit someone to come with us and take the pictures for me.

This is me running, I accidently set the wrong timer!
I am a little late with this post, but this wonderful snow storm happened on October 4th!!!! It was conference weekend and we were going to go to Rupert on Sunday to drop off the 4 wheeler we had borrowed, wish Austin's Dad a happy birthday and then drive dome through the mountains to get some fall family pics. When we called in the morning to tell everyone we were coming they told us they were getting snowed on, but still come because it should be gone when we got there. When we left they had 1" of snow. When we got there they had 3" and the power was out! So the kids grabbed all the winter gear they could find (and by kids I mean my kids, the adult men in the house, and Auntie Mel). Immediately John had to build a little fort for the snowball fight that he knew would come. And it did. They were even rude enough to throw snowballs at me, the photographer! How rude!The girls loved every minute of it, and were pretty upset when they had to come in to eat!Tori in Aunt Mel's face mask. Kinda surprising that she put it on and left it on.

Dad and Uncle John about to hit each other with snowballs.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Building Forts

I don't know about your children, but mine think that blankets have one purpose, and one purpose only... to built forts with. I guess that the same goes with the furniture, well, that and to jump off.

After weeks and weeks of constant forts in our family rooms (yes both, and somtimes at the same time), Austin and I looked for a way to solve this problem.

One day Austin came home and showed me this website! I was so exited.

Two weeks prior to the girls birthdays, there was literally a new fort built everyday. People would come to my house and I would just think, "my house is usually cleaner than this!!!"

I wanted to give the girls their gift early, just so I could have a clean looking house again, but I didn't.This is the last BLANKET FORT to be built in my house!! YEAH!

And of course it was on Sunday right before they got their "new fort."

Here is the Invent-a-tent! I love it. they have made at least 6 different forts since then, and they are all downstairs where no one can see.

Friends Party

Tori, Summer, Kennedy. This is at their birthday party. Summer is a wonderful neighbor who LOVES the girls, and they LOVE her! They both wanted to have her come over for their party.
Each of the girls made little pizzas, jumped in the bounce house and danced their hearts out in a Freeze Dance contest. It was a fun afternoon.

Top to Bottom:
Summer, Whitney, Tori, Seirra, Nikki, Kennedy, Allison.

Kennedy and Nikki on the bounce house.
Kennedy, Nikki and Allison

Tori is 7!!!

Let pretend again!! It is ...
September 28, 2009
Happy Birthday Tori!!!
Tori also got to open her presents in the morning of her birthday, because Dad, once again, would not be there. Next year he will! She was also given a jumper from Mom and a puzzle. Surprise!

What?!? That is not the same picture as Kennedy's is it! Well, when your birthday is only 4 days away from your sisters, and there are only four members of the family that will eat the cake, we cannot make two regular sized cakes. So they share. One day that will have to change, but for now, we celebrate the birthdays together.
Tori also LOVED testing out the bounce house. They didn't want to get out until it was dark.
Thanks Reann!

Kennedy is 5!!!!!

Lets pretend for a minute that it is September 24, 2009.
Happy Birthday Kennedy!!!
Kennedy is finally 5! She has had a countdown since the end of August when her cousin Kyler turned 5. IN the morning she got to open her presents, Mom made her a dress and she also go t a puzzle. (because Tori's birthday is in 4 days we will celebrate again in the middle, on Sunday, and they will both get another gift together)
Dad was not home for Kennedy's birthday (except in the morning) so she got to go to the hospital and eat lunch with Dad and all the other residents. That was pretty special for her, they treated her like royalty.
Do you like the jumper?Grammy came to Pocatello to spend time with both Kennedy and Tori for their birthdays. Where is that picture you wonder, well, I forgot, but this is Kennedy opening grammy's present.

We had a little party for the girls on Saturday where they got to each invite 3 friends, and we borrowed a bounce house from a friend. This is Kennedy testing out the bounce house the night before the party. They LOVED it!!