Friday, December 19, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma Fennell

This cute couple is my grandparents. They are such wonderful people I just wanted to let people know. They have always been so supportive of me and my family. My grandparents helped watch my little brother and sister when my Mom decided to go back to school. My grandma even made us birthday cakes during that time so that my mom could get other things accomplished. She always remembers everyones birthdays, anniversaries and such and sends cards. My Grandpa is a quite fellow, but has a great sense of humor and a wonderful smile, you just don't ever see that on film. Being on a girls basketball team in High school you don't attract a huge crowd, but I always knew that if I looked up into the stands, I would see my Grandpa there supporting me.
They are both such wonderful people and I lve them very much.

Thanksgiving in Rupert

Growing up we always had Thanksgiving with my Dad's side of the family. It was always so fun to see all the cousin's. This year was much the same. On Thanksgiving Day we had a wonderful dinner with Austin's family. All were there, but Damon who is serving in Florida on a mission. Unfortunately I was a bit sick, so I could not enjoy the food as much as I would have liked, but what I did try was delicious!
On Friday we got together with my family. We went out to my Aunt and Uncle's home. Tons of cousins were there, and many had children of thier own for my kids to play with. We ate, then the boys wanted to go hunting and shooting of clay pigeons.
The top picture is a row of clay pigeon shooters and those in line to shoot, and some just watching.

This is my Grandpa Fennell entertaining two of his Great-Grandchildren, Layton and Abby.
This is a close up shot of Layton and Abby. Layton is one month older and more than a head longer! When my brother, who is 24, was a baby my mom took a picture of he and another cousin, and it looked much the same.

This beauty is my Mother. She takes every opportunity to hold and cuddle with Layton. Thats what Gramdma's are for!

This is a picture of the hunters. We brought Howie and my brother brought his pup Max, but he didn't want to be photographed.
They had a little luck and shot one pheasant, and then Max chopped on it and wouldn't let go. What can you say, he is a puppy after all. This was one of his training days. My brother David, the tallest one, loves that cute little pup and takes him almost everywhere.

Layton is Rolling

Layton has learned to roll over. I think that he learned it a little backwards. He was on his back and rolled to his tummy the first few times. Today he got from his tummy to his back. In fact, he rolled tummy to back to tummy to back! I was quite amazed since he just started yesterday.

He is so cute when he rolls, he usually always gives a big smile, like he knows that he is accomplishing something great.

I love this time with a baby, when they are learning new things. It is so fun. And he is such a good and happy baby. We LOVE having him in our family.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Country Girls Stitchin'

My sister Michelle and I decided to put our creativity and free time, ha-ha, to good use. We both LOVE to do crafty things, and I had found all these cute embroidery patterns, so we decided to make some and sell them. So here we are. We are just getting a website up ad running, and have already sold quite a few pictures. We are loving it.

Michelle and I embroider all the pictures, tea-dye them, then meet with our Dad and make all the pictures frames. I think that he loves this opportunity to spend lots of time with us, and in the shop, two things he loves.

Anyway, please check out our website, but remember that it still needs a lot of work, we are just starting.

And remember to tell all your family and friends.