Monday, October 31, 2011

Tori's stitches

So a couple of months ago I noticed Tori had this little bump above her lip, almost like a pimple, but not exactly. I kept an eye on it and it just kept getting bigger. It seemed to have a clear liquid in it, but didn't hurt. After a month it was the size of a pencil eraser and Austin decided she needed to see a dermatologist. He was pretty sure it was a sist (I don't even know how to spell that!) and he didn't want to take one off of the face (would have been a heck of a lot cheaper!!)

The Dr. determined it was most likely a sist with a fancy name and we scheduled a day to have it removed. Tori was great with it until she realized she would have to have a shot to start the whole process.

Backtrack just a little.... Tori has had a few trips to the dentist this year to have teeth removed, and when I say teeth, I mean multiple teeth at a time, like 4-5. And each time it has started with one shot (which hurts like CRAZY!) and continued until she had 7 shots in her mouth ... EACH TIME. Needless to say, she is not fond of things starting with a shot.

Tori was so scared to get that shot, she did not care that he was going to be cutting her and stitching her. After the shot, which was a bit dramatic, she did great. She just listened to the Ipod and held mom's hand. She even wanted to go to school afterwards. That did not last too long because she started bleeding.

Austin decided that he would take her stitches out, so Wednesday night (6 days later) he took her stitches out. She was a bit nervous, but we held hands again and she did great. So did Austin. ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A couple of Moose made a visit...

Yesterday afternoon I look out the window to see where the tractor is so I can tell Layton (because this is very important to him), and what do you know, I see these two BIG bull moose watching the tractor too. They both have huge antlers and one is missing a side.

I have been so sad this year because we have not been seeing very many moose, yes, I still get excited seeing moose. I think I only saw 5 this whole summer/fall. So to have these two sitting just on the other side of our property, I was pretty excited. Think I took about 30 pictures, and all they did was sit there and stare. A bit overboard, I know!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A new addition to our family

He made his grand appearance last night...

No silly, not a Tractor. Why would you think that?!?


Christmas came early this year. And thank goodness! It is much easier to move this thing in before the snow starts a flyin'!! We are so excited! The kids could care less about the hot tub. They just thought it ROCKED that there was a TRACTOR in our yard. They stood on the deck forever just watching the backhoe.

We had a friend from our ward come and lower the hot tub into the "PIT" for us. That sure made the work easier for everyone.

Austin has literally wanted to get a hot tub for our "PIT" since we made an offer on this home. He has very patiently been watching craigslist and KLS to find just the perfect one. Who knew that we would find it just around the corner from us. Hopefully we will have nice hot water in the tub this weekend! I can't wait!!

He LOVED this tractor! I had to climb up and carry him out, or he would have stayed in that seat ALL day long!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back in the blogging world...

I know! I know! It has been like 10 months! But I am back, at least for today. ;)
Life has been so busy, and sometimes I think that blogging needs to be at the bottom of my list, and so it is. Sorry.
Let me catch up for just a minute...

Tori. Tori is now in 3rd grade, and loves every minute of it. She loves reading and Math. We usually (everyday) have to tell her to put her book down and go and play. She bugged me all of 2nd grade to let her read Harry Potter. So this summer I said fine, but if it gets too scary you have to stop and wait a year or two. Well, four books later (in two months) I told her she needed to start reading other material. She gets to pick up book 5 in fourth grade. Tori looks very cute in her glasses, but has a hard time keeping them on her face. She loves to play sports, basketball and soccer, chase boys at recess, and has just started gymnastics. Tori wanted to start playing the piano, so I have been teaching her lessons. She is an easy student. She really wants to learn and practices a ton. Now if I could be consistant in her lessons. She is a great kid!!!

Kennedy. Kennedy is still my spunky, fun loving little girl, who is only one year from being BAPTISED!!!! Yikes! I am old! Kennedy is in 1st grade and informs me quite often that it is too easy for her and why can't they do harder math. She is also reading like crazy, but it is not a punishment to her when she can't read. Kennedy is very athletic and loves to play soccer. She uses her spunky-ness to her advantage in soccer. She is also in gymnastics and is very good. The very first day the instructor had the girls do a bridge. Kennedy was able to go right into one and hold the position for a very long time. She is very flexible. She is always practicing the things she learns at gymnastics. Kennedy has had a hard time with Tori growing up a bit. She just wants Tori to play with her constantly like she used to. Tori would prefer reading or playing the piano. So Kennedy has moved onto Layton. She is alwaysplaying cars and trucks, or animals with Layton. She also likes to annoy him a bit, and thinks it is funny, he does not, and neither does Mom. She is a great kid with a great personality.

Layton. Layton is just growing up so fast. He gets to hang out with me at home all day, just the two of us. I thought for sure he would have a hard time, but he seems to really enjoy the one on one time. We get along great. Layton loves to do anything that Dad is doing. Fishing, hunting, playing basketball, or playing with Howie. His true loves (lately) are tractors and big trucks, like dump trucks and potato trucks. He loved grain harvest because he got to watch a tractor at work right behind the house. It was good motivation to eat. :) Layton loves his Uncle David too. David lived in Rexburg while he was at school this last year and it was great! Layton would light up when Dave would come to visit, or hunt in our fields. Uncle David left on his mission a month ago and Layton really misses him. The other night while he was saying the prayer, Austin prompted him with, "Please bless Uncle David..." and Layton said, "Please bless Uncle David to shoot a dove." So cute. I had a hard time not laughing during the prayer. Yesterday Layton and I were running errands, and in the last store (of many) he needed to use the restroom. We hurried into the bathroom and Layton said, "Mom this bathroom stinks real good." And it did. He is a joy.

Austin. Austin is getting more busy at his clinic all the time. He is delivering about one baby a week, which is what he wants. He really enjoys where he works and the people he gets to serve. Plus, his clinic is like 2 blocks from the river, so he goes fishing almost everyday during his lunch. He has gotten to do lots of hunting and fishing very close to home, which is good for all of us. Austin still loves basketball and plays at least once a week, usually twice. He was called as the Elders Quorum President not too long ago and has spent a lot of time doing that. He loves the area that we live and hopes we never have to leave.

Rachel. Well I keep myself way too busy. I have been making quilts like mad craziness, for everyone it seems. And I have been filling more and more of my time with photography, which I am loving. And besides that I do the usual, running kids to activity days, gymnastics, library, cleaning the house, doing laundry, cleaning the house, you understand. I do what every mom has to do. But I do love naptime. That is MY time. I do not work. I spend that hour and a half doing something that I want, reading, sewing, or napping. It is wonderful.

Well, I hope that you are satisfied with my catch-up. I will try to do better, I swear!