Friday, March 14, 2008

Rachel's Pregnant!!

So, as you can see, I am expecting baby #3. I am about 20 weeks along, due August 3. We are all really excited, the girls especially. The first part of the pregnancy was pretty rough, a complete opposite from the girls, but we are out of that now and feeling much better. We are so happy to have a Doctor in the family because you get free little ultrasound peeks at the baby whenever he has time. So before the first one we asked Tori and Kennedy separately what they thought the baby was. Both replied "BOY!" We told them not to be disappointed if it was a girl. We soon found out that they are wanting a boy so that they can have a wrestling buddy, I guess they are not good enough for each other.
After a couple of tries, our baby finally uncrossed its' legs and we thought we saw a boy, then the umbilical cord moved. Dang!
I had an ultrasound with a tech today thinking we would find out for sure, but she was a little wish-washy at first. But in the end she declared the baby to be a BOY.
I guess we will see if she and Austin were right.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008


Austin and I returned from a trip to New Orleans to find our dog Howie hurt. His back paw was big a swollen, almost the size of a baseball. We are not sure what happened, but we know that he somehow cut his foot and it got really infected during the few days we were gone. We took him to the vet to find out the he had a high fever and would need to go under some anesthetic so they could drain and stitch his paw. Now he has to wear this orange soft cast for a few days and sleep inside. The poor thing just acted to sick all day long, which is very unlike our hyper Howie that we know and love.

Sleeping Beauty

Tori is a funny sleeper. She is constantly moving and getting in weird positions. Some night she will be on the very edge of the bed and I will move her over and she will immediately move back. She NEVER sleeps with covers. If I put them on her in the middle of the night her feet instantly go straight up and kick them off. I still always try.
This night I thought she looked like Superman. I wish that I had other funny postitions, but this will have to do for now!

Austin's Guitar

Austin got a really nice guitar for Chirstmas this year. He has been wanting one for years, but didn't think that he would have the time to sit down and learn. I didn't think that this year would be any different, but the opportunity arrose and now he has one. At first it was a little hard for him, but he has dilligently practiced every single day and is quite good already!! I am so impressed with him.

He will usually practice at night when he gets home from work, because it relaxes his mind. He will hear a song and then go and sit down and try to figure it out, if he can't do it on his own he looks up tabs online. Then he will come into whatever room I am in and play me the new tune. It is a pretty fun bedtime ritual we have going on.

He now knows the whole song "Delilah" ,"Whiskey Lullabye" and parts or most of the theme to Law and Order (his favorite) Enter Sandman, Mission Impossible, OH Holy Night, 30 point buck, and many, many others.

The girls love to hear the songs on the radio and then tell Austin as soon as he walks in the door.