Monday, November 10, 2008

Holiday Stamp a stack

This Saturday, November 15th, I am holding a Holiday stamp a stack. I am posting the cards that we are going to be making. There are five cards and we will make two of each. The cost is $10. Come anytime between 11-3 on Saturday.

I will also have extra supplies to make cards for the soildiers. So come and have some fun.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scrapbooking this month

These were little treats we made for Tori and Kennedy's school classes. They loved them.
Just a fun thank you card I came I made.
These are the cutest Mummy cards. I loved them. I am in a card club and these are the ones that I made. I thought they turned out cute.

October Kids

Okay, so this totally put my pictures in backwards, and it takes to long to upload them, that I am not redoing it. So start at the bottom and work you way up.

This is a picture of the kids today. They are growing up so much, so fast. Tori is LOVING kindergarten, but when I ask what she did at school when she gets home, all I learn is whether of not she had recess, what the snack was and who she sat by on the bus. Hope there is more going on than that!!!
Kennedy is just such a cutie! She loves to play games and dress up while Tori is at school. She is also getting a little more imaginitive in her playing.
Layton is changing all the time. He is smiling at everyone now. He really loves to "talk" to Tori. She will lay on the floor next to him and he will just chat away. He really loves his big sisters.
He has also started to grab at toys and bring them towards his face. He is such a GOOD and HAPPY baby.
Another big plus with Mom is he is sleeping between 11-12 hours at night! Loving it!

This was taken about 3 weeks ago. I thought I would take a picture in his Aunt shirt before it got too small and I forgot. The Aunt will remain unnamed, so the others with think it is them! :)

And yes, this is Idaho in October!! Still want to come Annie?!? It was around October the 10th!!! And we recieved 4 inches on day and 6 the next. It melted inbetween. My parents house and hour away got 27 inches!!!!! And the week before it was in the 80's! After the snow melted it went back to the high 70's and has stayed warm since. This Idaho weather!