Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catch up!

So when I was talking to my sister a couple of days ago, she said that I was a big time SLACKER. She checks my blogsite all the time and there had been nothing new since November. Well, she was right! I thought I had at least done one in December, oh well, life was a bit crazy!
Austin's family has a great big Christmas party for all the extended family, and this year it was our turn to put the production on. We decided to put together a slide show of all the family over the years, it ended up taking me about 70+ hours to put that thing together! It turned out fine, a little longer that we thought it would, but it was nice. Hence, me not keeping up on myblogsite. Then it was Christmas, then the new year, and before I knew it I hadn't turned on my computer in weeks! I am sure my mind was just saying that I had had way too much time at that darn computer. I am sure that I will get a little better now!

This is a picture of my handsome hunk of a husband crashed out on the couch after a LONG day of surgery. This is our usual conversation : "How was your day?" I ask. "Long." He says. "Are you tired? Do you want to take a nap?" "No, I actually feel pretty good. I think I will stay up." "Great." I say. Then when he gets home we talk about what he did that day, I tell him about the girls, then the phone will ring (usually always my sister) and two minutes later when I start to talk to him again (sometimes not even that long) this is what I find. Not tired, huh?
This is Kennedy's THIRD time sitting on Santa's lap this year! She did become a pro by the end. This picture (and Tori's below) were taken at the Gillette christmas party! Santa came riding in on a horse drawn sleigh! It was soooo cute. Austin's mom has a really cute miniture horse, that is so fat and furry and it was just adorable!
Tori must have been a pretty good girl this year, or maybe Santa was just glad that she finally sat on his lap all by herself! But she got what she asked for this year. All she wanted was a Prince for her Barbie Princess to dance with.

Well, that should catch you up a little. I will get more on here.