Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Snow

Our first snow occurred on Monday. Quite a shock to me actually. I mean, we live in Iceberg now, so I assumed it would happen early in the fall, rather than late. It started snowing right after I got Tori on the bus, assuring her that it was not going to snow today, so she did not need to bring her snow boots. Then when it did start, I thought, "it will never stick." So much for me and my thinking! It didn't stop snowing the entire day. Kennedy was ecstatic! She wanted to play in the snow so bad.

By the time the girls got off the bus at 3:30 there was about 4" of snow on the ground. And me, being the nice Mom, of course, let the girls go out and play in the snow without doing homework first. Dang Daylight Savings! If it wasn't for that we would have light until 6 and the girls could have had longer to play. They did have so much fun. Layton was a little nervous about playing in the snow the first day. But he has loved it everyday since.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Funny Faces

Spidey- Man

The Red Devil

Our Leopard

Kaylee came to visit after trick or treating. She is a cute Fairy.

We got to celebrate Halloween two days in a row. The girls got to dress up for school on Friday, and then we went to their school carnival that evening. Saturday our ward had a "trunk or treat" at one of our farmer's shop. After the trunk or treat we went inside for more games and food. The kids really enjoyed it. I was glad that they were a little more creative in their costumes this year, and Austin was just glad that the girls didn't want to be Princesses.