Saturday, April 17, 2010

Our House

I know that not all of you know, but we listed our house on the market last Friday. this Friday morning I got a surprise phone call that we had an offer on our house! In a one week period we sold a house!!!! This is so much different than our last experience. We feel so blessed. We are so grateful that things turned out so different this time. Anyway, we sign the closing papers on May 21st and then we will be on our way to St. Anthony!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Steelhead fishing

After a very long week of getting our house "FOR SALE" ready, we all needed a break. Austin had been wanting to go steelhead fishing for a couple of months, but everytime he tried the weather was terrible and he had to turn around. Since the fishing closes at the end of the month and this was his only weekend off we decided to make the trip. We didn't leave Poky until 9:00 p.m. so we arrived in Ellis Idaho at midnight. The kids did great, even better than usual, because we got to sleep in Uncle Jerry's 5th wheel.

Austin fished in the morning while we all slept. Yeah right! The kids were awake as soon as he left! So much for sleeping in! Oh well.

When he got back we packed up our stuff and headed off to catch some fish.

We fished and drove around most of the day. The fishing wasn't great, but both Austin and I did catch some. (only one for me) It was a fun, relaxing day for all of us.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our Carribean Cruise

We left from Miami, but we had about an hour before we were kicked out of our hotel, that was on the beach, before we had to make our way to the ship. So we decided to go out and play in the ocean for a bit. I have never really played in the ocean. As kids we would play in the Galveston area, but it scared me so bad I would mostly stay on the beach. Anyway, we were on South Beach in Miami and it was beautiful. After the water we walked along the boardwalk for a couple of miles. We heard a lot of Spanish and even got to see a model shoot (pictures). No, it was not being that was the model! Silly!

To start off our cruise the weather was very windy and by the time the sun went down it was stormy. At this time, neither Austin or I were feeling sick, so I thought we would get away with no sea sickness, I wish! Early, early the next morning Austin woke up really sick. He stayed that way all day. He couldn't even get up to leave the room. Finally at 2 I convinced him that he HAD to come up stairs and get some fresh air. He made it, then stayed in this position for about 5 hours. By this time we had already missed our Elegant Evening dinner, I was quite sad since I worked very hard on my dress! That is okay, I was mostly just happy that Austin could stand up without having to run for the bathroom.

Grand Cayman Islands was our first port of call. The weather was still crummy, in fact we almost didn't get to stop here because the waves were so bad. But they found another place for us to port and then we had to take little boats to get to the island. We were really hoping to be able to snorkel, but didn't want to try and get thrown into the rocks. So instead we walked along the Seven Mile beach and found some great shells. We also body surfed on the waves for a couple of hours. I am glad that I have a husband who is patient with me. I was still quite scared of the ocean, but he helped me overcome my fears and I found that the ocean can be very fun.

This beautiful place is Roatan Honduras. It was by far our favorite place to visit! We just loved it. Maybe it was because it was our first nice day, or we finally got to snorkel, or just that it was BEAUTIFUL! When we got off the ship there was this gorgeous beach. We were able to go out and teach ourselves how to snorkel for a couple of hours, another this I was a bit scared of. In fact, at first sight of all the grasses on the bottom of the ocean and not knowing what could be down there I started to hyperventilate, but Austin just grabbed my hand and took me out. I got a lot more brave, and learned that snorkeling was awesome! I wish that we lived by an ocean so that I could go again!!! We saw many cool fish, it really was awesome!

Austin told the girls that in this picture of me snorkeling, my fin is a shark chasing me. They are still so nervous for me.

Just a picture of our ship. Pretty big. They said that there were 3,500 guests on board, 1,200 were children. Plus 1,500 employees. A lot of people!

this is the only picture we have of Belize, we were actually not impressed with that port at all. It was a twenty minute little boat ride to the city, and we got there, stayed for about 45 minutes and got back on the little boat back to the ship and took a nap. I had had gotten sunburned a couple of days before and needed some aloe vera. We saw this shop that said it sold RX so we stopped. They weren't kidding. It was an over the counter Pharmacy that sold all those drugs you need scripts for, but not there! Austin thought it was funny, and the prices were pretty cheap, so he needed a picture.

Our last port of call was Cozumel. We really liked it there too. We went to a beach called Chankanaab. We practically had the whole beach to our selves for a couple of hours. We snorkeled a ton here. We went off to places no one else was and dove for some great shells. Austin had found a ton, and when I finally got brave enough I dove down and found a lot too. On this beach we saw lots of animals. We saw dolphins, an iguana, lots of crabs, and tons of fish. Some were the size of my kids, but I did not freak out when they swam by me, maybe the first time, but definitely not after that!

Michelle had told me how amazing the waiters were, but I just didn't realize what she meant until we got there and met them. This is Benjamin (from Honduras) and Luis (from Costa Rica) They were the BEST!!! They always had a smile on their face and were just so kind and fun and funny. Most nights Luis would have some trick for us to figure out. They had performances part way through our meals that were so funny. (It was always singing and dancing, and usually on the tables) They really were great!