Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Haircut

This is Layton's first haircut. I know, he is pretty old to have never had a haircut, right? He just doesn't have much hair, and it is blond, so it really looks like he has no hair, so we have never cut it. It was just getting a little too long though, so I made Austin do it for me. Layton would have never held still with just me there. He thought it was pretty funny at first, but after a while he would just move his head to get rid of the clippers. That is where I came in. I had to hold his head and his hands. Fun times. He did do pretty good, so did Austin.

(Please excuse the dirty mirror, it is bathroom cleaning day, and now they are clean.)
Now Layton is back to looking like he has no hair again. :) Oh well, he is still pretty handsome!

First Day of School

this was Tori's first day of 1st Grade!!! (I can't believe that she is old enough to be a 1st grader!) She was so excited to go to school. She helped me pick out all her school supplies, especially the Tinkerbell lunch box, that is all she really cared about anyway. She picked out her own outfit and laid it out the night before. She even went to sleep within minutes of getting in bed. Tori did wake up with a tummy ache (nerves) and didn't eat much breakfast. When we got to the school I told her we would come in with her to help her find her class again, she told me no she was fine. I insisted! She is not old enough remember? As we walked in Tori was clinging to me, Kennedy was crying, and Layton was trying to grab everyone and everything in sight! It took Tori a few minutes to finally let go, and I made a dash out before she started crying (or me). When I got outside a friend, who also has a son in the class, told me that Tori came up to her and gave her a great big hug, still nervous I guess! Thanks Ad! She came home from school so happy and excited to do it again! That night in Tori's prayer she said thank you three times that she had such a fun day, and please bless that tomorrow she would have fun too. And she did.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The whole gang. Well, all that were able to come. Which as you can see, was quite a few!






Yesterday we got to go up to Lake Cleveland for a little mini family reunion for the Gillette family. It was so much fun. I have been in the Gillette family for 8 years now and just barely got to meet a few members of the family, original members. We had a lot of fun talking and eating. Some hiked into the lake, others drove there, like me. We cooked Salmon that Austin's Dad and Uncle caught. And man WAS IT GOOD!!!!! i LOVE SALMON!!!!!
and I LOVE a good Gillette fish fry!

Then we sat around the camp fire, then played and played and played and played some more on the big swing. We kinda acted like little kids.

Me (Rachel)




Chatting around the fire

All the cute kids.

Uncle Jerry cooking up the fish.

MMMM good!

Some of the cousins.

It was a blast! Thanks Aunt Nancy and Uncle Randy for organizing it! Until next year...

Island Park

Tori loves to pose for pictures.

Layton is trying to have fun while the other kids are fishing, mom is just mean and didn't let him leave the blanket to get into the dirt.

Kennedy wasn't really in the mood to fish, so she just pretended like she was fishing with this stick.

Uncle Dave helping Brenner catch some fish. Well...casting out the line HOPING to catch some fish.


Terrill and Kyler fishing. I think that Terrill undid more snags than anything. He is pretty patient!

Layton's favorite activity at the cabin was racing across the room to climb up the very dangerous and scary (to mom) stairs. He would laugh as he was crawling across the room!

Tori, Kyler, Kennedy, Brenner

All five cousins

Uncle David took Tori and Kennedy on many four-wheeler rides. Thanks Dave!