Thursday, February 18, 2010

My new High Heels...

Because I am just barely shorter than Austin (1/4") I have never really worn heels, well, those of you who know me well realize that I have never really worn them, mostly because I am so freakin' tall. The other day I tried on a pair of 4" heels for Austin, mostly just to be funny, and no I could not walk in them! :) He asked me why I don't own any high heels. I informed him that I didn't want him to be uncomfortable around me when I am wearing them, because I would be taller. He sweetly told me that he didn't mind if I wore heels, and that I should get some to have when we go out. So what did I do? the very next day I went out and spent my birthday money from my parents and bought two pairs of high heels! Then, because my feet are not used to wearing them, I decided to vacuum the house in my heels. It was a fun half hour, but now I realized that I was giving my calves a workout. They are a little sore. I think I will wear them again tomorrow!

Uncle David

I love living close to home, this means that I can make quick trips to see my little (BIG) bro play basketball. It has been so fun to watch him this year, which is sadly his Senior year. Last Friday night was Senior night and so I decided I needed to go watch him. It was a good game and he did great. He ended up with many blocks (which he is awesome at, and the kids in the crowd love) and lot of rebounds and a few points! It was a fun game, and they blew Preston out of the water. Someone made them lifesize posters and hung them up around the gym. We had fun standing next to a HUGE poster of Uncle Dave. I wish that he still had one more year to maybe?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

our choice

This post is also really late, but it is because of the no computer situation the last few months. This might be really old news to a few of you, but in November we FINALLY made our decision as to where Austin would accept a job this summer (and hopefully forever). After MUCH prayer and MUCH fasting and then more of both again, we decided to accept the job in St. Anthony. This was such a difficult decision for us. For some reason we both thought that the answer would be clear all along, but it was not. Both places had so many good things about them, and we realy loved the people in Dillon. We even had to ask for an extension so we could have more time. One night after going to the temple for inspiration, we both came out knowing that we needed to go to St. Anthony. We are all very excited now that we know where and when we are moving. Austin is already making big plans for the clinic and how he will expand. We are exctied that we will still have family close, hopefully they are too!


This is a week late, but last night we had an enrichment that focused on ways to save money, and so I thought what the heck. I was so excited about this shopping trip. When the total came up, it was 169.00 after all the instant savings, coupons and douple coupons my total was ... $32.71!!!
Isn't that great saving! I ended up with 30 boxes of cereal/granola bars 4 popcorn boxes (which I have never bought before but when you get then for almost free I think I will try them) 4 2-liter pops (free) apples, contact solution, I think that was all, but I think that was not bad!
Anyway, I was pretty excited so I thought I would share.

Kennedy's snowman

We got some good snow overnight and through the day on Monday and Kennedy was really in the mood to build a snowman. Her friend could not come over to help and she was really sad. After I laid Layton down for a nap I decided to get on the snow gear and brighten her day by helping her.
She had a cute idea for a non-traditional snowman. I think that he turned out really cute. Kennedy even donated her hat. We had so much fun together, just the two of us. Sometimes I forget that I need to sit and play with my kids, not always think of that list of things that I need to get done. Those days that I do remember, always turn out to be my favorite day.