Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kennedy is SIX!

Kennedy celebrated her sixth birthday on Friday! She had a fun day. Aunt Mel and Uncle David were here visiting so that alone made the whole day wonderful. Aunt Mel gave Kennedy a manicure and pedicure and fixed her hair all cute and curly.

She got to invite two friends over after school to have a playday/birthday party. The girls all had fun playing. We also made braclets and ate pizza and homemade twinkies. Grammy Gillette came that evening and we opened presents and played dominoes. All in all she had a very fun day.

Layton liked her new bike helmet.

Deer Hunting 2010

Austin had a good Deer Hunting season this year, now lets pray that Elk season is the same. He hunted in the Pocatello area. He spent the first week in September hunting and then went back the next weekend. Austin was able to shoot this nice buck on saturday afternoon. Damon drove up and helped him pack it out.

This is a beautiful picture Austin took in on of the areas that he hunts. I love this picture!

Harvest time...

Layton's favorite thing right now is TRACTORS. As we drive Kennedy to school everyday he points out every tractor he sees, and if he hasn't seen a tractor in the last 30 seconds he asks me, "See 'nother Dactor Mom?" At first I thought he was saying Doctor, and I thought that was really cute. But no, he was talking about tractors. Still cute.

When the farmer's started combining the grain in the field behind our house Layton was SO EXCITED!!! He sat at the window and watched all morning until it was warm enough outside.