Thursday, May 1, 2008

Snow is Falling ALL around . . .

on the rooftops on the ground.
On my head and hands and toes!!

That's right! We woke up to 5" of snow, and yes you did read that right 5"!!!!!!!
This is crazy, it is May 1st, we should be having May flowers, not May snow showers.
Anyway, I am tired of this crazy not spring weather. Two days ago we had a 75 degree day, then it dropped 30 degrees over night. I guess that is Idaho for you.

I don't think that Howie enjoys this weather either. We had to coax him out of his house this morning to eat! I just wonder where the global warming people are now. Definitely not in Idaho!
So anyway, while we have been having crazy weather I have loaded up with a few projects. I decided to make curtains for all of the rooms in my house. This is one set (they will actually match the room once I get it painted). Sorry that the picture isn't great, the lighting was bad and patience is not always one of my virtues. I also finished another for the baby's room. We moved the girls out of their room, and I have started to paint the pictured room that will so be the Master room. I am also working on a baby quilt. So I shouldn't complain too much about the weather since I have plenty to keep me busy inside.