Friday, March 12, 2010


Layton got really sick on Tuesday night. Of course Austin was working that night so I had to stay up with him and clean up throw up all night! FUN!!! On Wednesday he acted fine all day, not even a little sick, except the 4 hour nap he took. Austin had the morning off on Thursday and we have really been itching to get up to St. Anthony and look at some land we are interested in. So after a good night sleep we all got up early and headed North. We were halfway there and Layton started crying, Pretty normal, he HATES riding in the car anywhere. Next thing I know, yep, throw up, everywhere!!! We had to pull over at the rest area and clean everything. GROSS!! Sometimes being a parent is not fun. We didn't have any extra clothes for him, except Dad's. It was quite funny. He knew they were not his clothes and he did not like them. We had a t-shirt and a pair of socks. I thought he looked pretty cute! He kept a pouty, crabby face on the whole rest of the ride, until we changed him into his own clothes.

Swing time!!

On Sunday we had some cousins over for a few hours and the kids had a ball playing outside. Layton stayed out there the longest though. After the others had come in he and Austin stayed out there. Soon I heard Austin yelling at me. When I went out he had Layton on the "Wee" as Layton likes to call it. Austin told me that he was pumping himself, and he was. He sat in the swing for about 5 minutes with no one touching him or the swing, and he kept it going the whole time. What a smart kid!!!

Now everytime we go outside he immediately runs to the swings. He LOVES them! Can you tell by the look on his face?

Our new cousin Aubrey

My sister Mel was taking pictures and caught Aubrey in a cute little smile. I am sure she was smiling because I was holding her! :)

Heather looks so good! Her baby is only 2 days old!

This was all that the girls talked about for days. They absolutely love babies and thought it was great that they have a new cousin to hold. I wish that we would have gotten a picture of Layton with the baby. I didn't have him hold her, but he would come up and pat her head softly, (surprise) and then talk to her in a cute little baby voice. It was seriously adorable.

Sadly, Tori's basketball season is just about over. She has had so much fun this year. I relaly hoped that when I signed her up she would get really excited about basketball and realize how much fun it is. We really worked with her on being more aggressive when rebounding... if only she would use the same attitude that she uses with Kennedy, every rebound would be hers! I am so glad that she loves playing basketball. Great job this year Tor!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


For Christmas this year I got Austin tickets to a Celtics vs. Suns game. He LOVES the Celtics. They have been his favorite team since he was a little kid. We got some pretty good seats and got to go to PHOENIX where it was WARM! He was so happy to get to see his team close up and not in the nose bleed section.
We got to the game as early as they would allow and then watched some of the players warm up. The game in its self was not the greatest, three of Boston's starters were out injured, but it was still fun. The rest of the time we golfed, played in the pools, sat in the hot tubs, ate out, and shopped a little. I have to say, although I hate to leave the kids, I love to leave the kids. It was such a nice and relaxing vacation. And they had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa for a week. I hope that we can do this again, and soon.

Oh wait!! I am going on a cruise in 3 weeks! I do get to have a relaxing vacation soon!! Yea!!!!!

My New High Heels Part 2

So I have had some requests for pictures of my shoes. I have not had the opportunity to wear these babies out yet, mostly because they KILL my feet still. But I am wearing them in so I can be ready for my cruise, that is the real reason I picked these ones out.