Monday, December 27, 2010


We were so grateful that we were able to make it home for Thanksgiving. The weather was not exactly cooperating, but we still gave it a go. When we left Rexburg we were pretty sure that with the wind chill it was between -25 and -30. It was so cold that if you were out in an area that had no wind block it was so biting you could only stay there for about 15 seconds before running back to shelter.
We were able to spend Thanksgiving with Austin's family. His brother's and sister's family were not able to come because of the weather, so we had a nice quiet Thanksgiving.
Austin serenaded his mom and I while we were preparing dinner. Kennedy and Tori helped with the rolls. Kennedy loves to help bake anytime there is baking to be done. She is a great helper, and will someday make a great baker/cook.

Uncle Damon did a great job of entertaining Layton. I think it was pretty easy though, Layton just wanted to play basketball.

Grammy had made all the granddaughters butterfly wings. My girls love them, and are already planning a dance to do together with the cousins this summer when they are all together.

Gail did such a wonderful job with our Thanksgiving dinner. She had been planning and preparing for weeks! It was so good, and I think that we ate almost everything that day... so much for leftovers! Yummy!

Playing in the snow

Right before we left for Thanksgiving in Paul we got dumped on with snow. And then the winds started... and didn't stop. So we ended up with some AWESOME snow drifts and no school. The kids were in Heaven. Austin's clinic even closed on the Monday because the drifts were so big and bad. We all had so much fun out in the snow that day. As you can see, the drifts are taller than Layton.
The girls acted like they were penguins sliding down the drift. They would laugh and laugh at the bottom, then climb back up and do it again. I love that they have such fun imaginations.

I just thought these drifts were pretty cool. This is down in our walkout basement that is all enclosed. I think the wind just kept circling the snow around and around. The highest drift down there was 3 feet.

Austin worked really hard to make a path up to the door, just in case we got any visitors. I was obviously working very hard at making sure I captured the moment. It was hard work!
And this is what the front looked like before Austin got started. The drift was a good foot above the top stair.
After we worked so hard we moved on to bigger and better things... HOT CHOCOLATE!