Monday, May 31, 2010

New house

Here are a few pictures of our new house. We get to move in the day after Austin graduates from Residency. June 25. We are so excite we can hardly stand it!! The girls are really excited because there is a place that is a big sand box and they love that!
Austin and I are constantly looking at the pictures trying to figure out where everything will go and where to plant trees and the garden and put Howie and on and on.
Austin doesn;t think that he can last the whole month, it is going to be hard!

Do you love that huge fridge? Austin HATES it. He thinks that I will just let all of the food rot in there! Little does he know...

Downetta Hot Springs

Austin had a Saturday off in the beginning of May and so we decided to make a trip to the hot pools. The girls loved it the last time and the weather was a little better this time, so we headed out!
The kids had so much fun. Tori and Kennedy have been wanting some googles since last summer and so I surprised them with some that morning. They didn't take them off the whole time. And they loved swimming under the water with them on. They are both getting to be better swimmers. I wish that we had a pool that we could go to more often so that they would get really good.
Layton was a little timid at first, but warmed up. He just always had to have a basketball in his hands. He loved the little kiddie pool, and only took a couple of unwanted dives under the water.
Austin worked with the girls on sit diving (since there was no diving allowed). Kennedy went down the big slide many times, but it took Tori a while to work up the courage to go down. Once she did she didn't want to stop. She is so funny that way. I hope one day she will learn to not be scared to try new things. I can always hope!
We had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back.