Friday, February 13, 2009

Residency Ski Day

The Residency has an anual ski day every year, and though we did not ski yesterday we went up anyway.
The kids had a blast with all he other kids, throwing snowballs and sledding.
There were a few Skiers, a few sledders, and a few who just came up for the lunch. And heck, when you get a full day off for just showing up to the lunch, I would show up too!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This was Layton on January 26th. It was his 6 month birthday, so we celebrated with a little rice cereal. I don't think that he really appreciated that. His face told me that it was not his favorite way to eat. But now, only a week later. . . he love his rice cereal!!

Today we even tried oatmeal. Got about the same result as the rice the first time.


I had the GREAT opportunity to go to OHIO last week. Our house is not selling, and we have been beyond stressed and worried about it, so my mother-in-law suggested I go out there and see how things are. So I went out and had to clean, clean, clean, and clean. I did not realize how dirty our house was. (I would have never left it that way! Oh well, I guess that is what comes with renters!) I am so glad that I got to go out. My good friend Annie picked Layton and I up and let me stay with her and her family (and use her car constantly). It was so fun to see her again, and see how much her little family has changed.
Julie was also a doll and helped me clean. I never would have gotten it done without her. Although I went out there to work I did get to have a little fun. Annie got some girlfriends together and we went to dinner then to the Men's church ball game.
All in all it was a good trip. I wish that I could have just been out there for fun, so that I could see more people and do more things, but at least I had an excuse to get out there!