Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BOO at the ZOO

We took a trip to Idaho Falls to visit the zoo. The girls were so excited to go to the zoo, especially because they were dressing up. Tori decided to be a pioneer. Why? you may ask. I am not sure, but she did look cute in her simple outfit. Kennedy decided to take full advantage of the Cinderella dress that would not be used now, and was a beautiful Cinderella.Kennedy got really excited when she saw that we were being escorted by none other than Spiderman himself! She called Kyler Spiderman the whole night, even when she was giving him a hug and saying goodbye, she said, "Goodbye Spiderman!"They didn't have camels like these in Columbus!

Tori, Kennedy, Spiderman (aka Klyer)

We had a great time at the Zoo, and it sure beats the Pocatello Zoo!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Fennell Family Reunion

August 25, 2007

Although it may be hard to imagine, we are missing 24 people from this photo. We had a lot of fun, as we always do. We ate fajita's, played on the slip-n-slide, swam in the pool, ate chicken and wedding cake (john and meagan's), some took naps, most played volleyball, ate some more, then went home. Some where in there we took this picture! All in all it was a great time. Hopefully next time all the family will be there.

Monday, October 8, 2007

First snow!!

It's a little early in my mind, but this last Saturday as we were at my parents home in Rupert, Idaho, we woke up to snow! This was actually the second weekend in a row for them to have snow. And if we would have been at home in Pocatello we would have had 4" of snow!! How crazy!

The girls both thought it was great. Tori was dressed in no time and out the back door. Kennedy wasn't quite sure if she really wanted to go out into the cold that early in the morning, but when she saw Tori making snowballs and laughing she decided it would be okay.

The thing Tori liked the most in the snow was walking around and looking behind her to see her footprints in the snow. She would just laugh as she walked all around the yard.

Tori here is trying to help the tree not be cold. She decided that she could clean off all the snow, and the tree would be warmer. She is a very thoughtful child.

I'm Stylish

Kennedy Loves to come out everynight as she is getting her P.J's on and show me what color her hair has turned (with her shirt still on her head). She think this is so hillarious every night. Well, a couple of days ago she comes out in the morning while I was fixing Tori's hair. And this is what she said:
Kennedy "Mom, look at my hair."

Me "Wait just a second, I'm fixing Tori's hair."

Kennedy "Mom, look at me, I am Stylish!"

When I turned around she had her hand on her hip and her head tilted back.

Kennedy "Do you like my stylish pink hair?"

Where did she learn the word stylish? :) She is just so darn cute!! I love it!

Ballet Dance

Aunt Melanie decided that in between conference sessions was a great time to make costumes and choreograph a ballet. It took about an hour of hard work to get this result. Tori and Kennedy had a ball showing everyone this wonderful dance.