Friday, July 9, 2010

Tee Ball/ Tiger Ball

It was a short, cold baseball season this year, but the girls still had a BLAST!
Kennedy was pretty scared her first game, but after that she was great. They both improved over the year, and were two of the best players on their teams.

Kennedy at bat.

This is Kennedy getting reading to make a great play on third.

Tori at bat. I think she is getting ready to hit one of her grand slams.

And this is how Layton felt during the games.
He actually loved going to the games. We tried to always bring a mitt and ball for him so that he thought he was playing too.

I was so proud of Austin, he won the two awards that were given out that night, the teaching award, which was voted on by all his fellow residents, and the quality project award, which he put a lot of time into. I was so impressed.

The Senior Residents get together and decide which Attending Physicians and Nurses have helped them the most in the the last three years and them award them with a plaque. Austin was able to give this award to the Doctor who has been his greatest mentor during his residency. Austin was so honored to give this to Dr. Dyer. He has been such a great influence in Austin's career.

This is Austin and his certificate of completion.

Austin was so wonderful. At the end of the graduation he presented me with a dozen red roses and told everyone that he would not have been able to get through medical school and residency without me. He said lots of other beautiful things and that made the seven LONG years worth it! And I loved the roses.

These were some of Austin's fellow residents, and some of his best friends these last three years. L-R : Austin, Rachel, Amy Brizzee, Dave Brizzee (resident), Ryan Zimmerman (resident), Rena Nordeng-Zimmerman (resident- married to Ryan)

Austin's mom, Gail, was able to come and see the graduation.

Us with my parents, John and Terry Fennell. They delayed their vacation by a couple of days just so they could be there to support Austin. I am always so grateful they are always so supportive.

Not the greatest picture, but here are the Graduating Residents:
L-R: Ryan Zimmerman, Rena Nordeng, Charles Clair, David Brizzee, Marty Mangum, Austin.

Ross Park

My sister Stacy came to visit from Alabama, which sadly only happens once a year. The kids and I went to my parents home for the first weekend. The kids all had so much fun. It was a bit crazy with all the kids and two dogs, who were not used to being in the house. The next week we were all going to meet in Pocatello as Heather was driving through, but the weather was terrible! So we tried it again the next week, and the weather was perfect! We had so much fun we decided that next year we are going to make it a family reunion kind of thing.

All the kids and their moms.


Everyone in the Lazy River. Oh so nice! We loved that.

These beauties are my sistas. Aren't they gorgeous?!?

Richland, WA

Austin's sister Tallan moved to Richland two years ago and we finally got out there to visit them in their new place. It is a beautiful area and they have a beautiful home. The girls were so excited. We usually only get to see these cousins at Thanksgiving or Christmas each year. Hailey is Tori's age and Addison is just a little younger than Kennedy. They literally played and played all day and late into the night for 4 days. They loved it!!
Layton and Ella are the same age, and they got along remarkably well. All the other kids that we know his age he just fights with the whole time. We were so happy that they played so well.

We were suprised to see that Richland had a temple. It was only a couple of minutes away from Tallan's house. On Sunday we made a little trip over there and took a couple of pictures.

On Saturday we went to this really fun park that has a kiddy pool. The kids had a blast, but I think that their favorite thing was chasing the seagulls. There were a ton of them and the kids didn't seem to get tired of it. Layton had to be dragged away from the birds.

Chad thought it would be fun for the kids to race so he could see who was fastest. Hailey suprised us by beating everyone, even her big brother, Brenner.

4th of July

We got to spend the 4th of July weekend in Richland WA with our cousins the Schows. The girls had so much fun doing the sparklers and the little popper things. Uncle Chad also lit a couple of the rockets, and these fireworks that screach really loud. All the girls loved it!