Friday, November 11, 2011


 Layton is very much into trains right now.  He has a Lego train set, which he sets up every single day, and an electric train set.  The electric set takes up a lot of space and we have to be much more careful with it, so it is a treat.  Last week I decided that I would set up the electric set for him.  He was so excited!  I kept it on the kitchen table for him for a week.  Layton played with that thing all day long.  It was great.  I would say, "Hurry and eat your breakfast so you can play with your train."  He would be done 2 minutes later (which is AMAZING for him).  "Go and get dressed so you can play with your train" he would race to his room.  I love this train!!!  Layton loves it too, just for different reasons.  He would play with it for at least an hour at a time.  Making it go fast and so slow it hardly moves.  Each train car had a different purpose, and he would tell me all about them as he watched it go around and around.  We can't wait until we set it up again.

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Adam & Michelle Gooch said...

What a smart idea! He's just so dang cute!