Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kennedy's 1st yr in BBall

Posted by PicasaKennedy has been looking forward to playing basketball since Tori started last year.  Then when Tori brought home the flier for basketball signups 1st graders were not invited.  She was so disappointed.  I decided that since she is old for her grade I would call and see if we could ign her up anyway.  They agreed and Kennedy was exstactic!  Thankfully she and Tori were able to be on the same team. 
Kennedy is doing good for her first year.  She is still a little confused by the rules, and exactly what defence means, and how to get open.  But she is a quick learner and does well listening to her Dad and her coach. 
She is loving playing ball, and wears her jersey around all the time.  I think so she can tell people she plays basketball! 

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